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e.​Kamado Joe

                                     KJ Classic​​                BGE

                                     18" w/cart             18" w/nest


Base Price                              $1,699                              $1,662

Cart                                        Included                           Included

Shelves                                  Included                           Included

Deflector                                Included                           $132.99

Stainless Steel Grate            Included                           $99.75

Ash Tool                                 Included                           $22.61

Grill Gripper                           Included                          $23.94

Slide-Out Ash Drawer            Included                          Not Available

Air Lift Hinge                          Included                          Not Available

Kontrol Tower Top Vent          Included                         Not Available

Fiberglass Gasket                  Included                          Not Available

SS Locking Latch                   Included                          Not Available

Total                                       $1,699                             $1,941.29

We carry accessories for the Kamado Joe,

Kamodo Joe accessories fit the Big Green Egg.




As the two most popular brands of kamado grills, Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg draw a lot of comparisons. The first and best-known ceramic grill on the market, Big Green Egg is almost single-handedly responsible for the booming popularity of kamado grills. However, Kamado Joe has gained a large following with its continued innovation and all-inclusive accessory packages that offer everything you need at one price.

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